Puncture Prevention & Repair  


We offer OKO tyre sealant for off road tyres such as lawn tractors and wheelbarrows. It prevents and seals punctures on the go and avoids costly repairs & loss of time.

It seals the following:

  • Tread area punctures up to 6.0mm diameter object.
  • Rim and bead leaks.
  • Maintains proper inflation.
  • Reduces flats - 80% to 90% in tubeless tyres. 50% to 65% in tube type tyres.

Bring your wheels into us and we can add the sealant for you while you wait. Contact us for more details.




Carb Cleaning Service 

We offer ultrasonic carb cleaning for all small-medium sized carburetors.

All our cleaning is done in a top of the range ultrasonic cleaning tank by an experienced operator in our workshop in Hereford. Carburettors are cleaned, stripped and any parts replaced as necessary. All lawn mower and small engine carbs from chainsaws and brush cutters etc can be cleaned.

Please contact us for more details or check out our online store.




 Hedge Cutter Sharpening


We offer hedge cutter sharpening at great prices and quick turnaround.

Using specialist grinding equipment and priced at £1 per inch,  return your cutter to it's former glory by dropping it in.